Let's Talk About Social Media Marketing

Is this topic important? No, it is crucial for any business, artist, creator, YouTuber, influencer, writer, etc. to utilize social media platforms for marketing. In today's life, everything is digital.

Let's Talk About Social Media Marketing
Let's Talk About Social Media Marketing - Design Credit - Emvation

Is this topic important? No, it is crucial for any business, artist, creator, YouTuber, influencer, writer, etc. to utilize social media platforms for marketing. In today's life, everything is digital. Having a digital presence in any form of business is very important; you could benefit from it in multiple ways!

Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

Let’s look at some stats and facts here. At least 4.59 billion people are currently social media users worldwide. That is 57.5% of the world's population!

According to social media research company WeAreSocial and Hootsuite, a whopping 2 billion Facebook users are reachable by ads. This makes the platform an extremely useful marketing tool for businesses and marketers looking to reach customers.

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The stats speak for themselves and show you that you can reach your potential target audience through social media alone. Social Media Marketing is one of the best digital ways to advertise your business. You can reach a large number of people in merely seconds.

Social platforms assist you to attract the attention of the right customer, with the right information at the right time.

You can tell your brand story and interact with your audience at the same time. This also allows you to understand your audience or potential customer better and with all the stats and information provided to you with social media insights, you would be able to build a very accurate and ideal customer profile.

Your customers or audience will also have the opportunity to get to know you better and you will have the opportunity to interact with them on a more human level. At the end of the day, everyone wants to feel acknowledged, heard, and included and looks for people and things they can relate to. Your business has the perfect opportunity to do this by having a social presence out there.

Who can make use of Social media Marketing?

Who can make use of Social media Marketing - Design Credit: Emvation
  1. Any Business - Whether you are selling a product or providing a service, you can benefit from social media marketing.
  2. Artists - No easier way to show off your works and what you can do, whether you are a writer, singer, dancer, performer, creating art, etc. Social Media is the best way to get your brilliant talents noticed.
  3. Creators - If you are a streamer, gamer, influencer, vlogger, or YouTuber, there’s no reason not to give yourself more exposure by making use of Social Media Marketing.

How do I  start?

Step 1: There are many social media platforms. Know what they are and how they are used. Decide which platforms would be best to use for your business, or brand, or to promote what you do or who you are.

“No, you do not have to be on all the platforms” and there are many reasons why you should not be. For information on this, we recommend you read this article.

Step 2: If you have not already, go and create that account and/ or page.

Step 3: Optimize your pages and/or accounts. Be sure to use relevant keywords in your descriptions.

Step 4: Research what tools you want to use to assist you. Here are some of our suggestions:

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Step 5: Content Planning & Scheduling: As part of your social media marketing strategy be sure to create a content planner in order to plan your content and research it. Try and schedule your content in advance to save time.

Remember to use social media marketing smartly and effectively. Just creating a profile or page is not enough to grow. You need to put in the effort and have a plan and strategy. You will need to build trust, connect with your audience and interact with your audience.

There are many Digital Marketers out there today that can guide you and assist you with Social Media Marketing. If you can afford it, it will benefit you and your business to have good social media management. Whether you decide to do it yourself or get someone or a company to assist you, it is still important to understand what Social Media Marketing is and how it can benefit you or your business.