Choosing a Color for Your Business

Choosing a Color for Your Business
Choosing a Color for Your Business - Design Credit: Emvation

It is not easy to choose all the elements for a new business. From choosing colors to choosing fonts can become quite overwhelming. On top of that there is enough research and information out there to keep you busy for 20 years!

There is a lot more to choosing a color than just closing your eyes and letting your finger fall on any random color. Did you know that colors can have an effect on human emotions? There is different research out there about the psychology of colors and definitely worth a read, but in this blog post I will be sharing it from my own point of view.

Credit: The Logo Company

How we decided on our company colors:

Well, we first started with research. We looked deeper into the psychology of color.  We already knew what we wanted our brand to say and what we wanted people to feel. We made sure we decided on colors, fonts and other brands elements, that does just that!

Everything we do as humans, even our buying decisions, is influenced by our senses. When you walk past a bakery that is busy baking pies, you SMELL the amazing flavors, but it does not just stop by the smell. Now you FEEL hungry and you know eating this pie will make you happy. Sometimes it does not stop there. The smell also brings up a childhood memory of the amazing pies your granny used to make, and you remember how happy and good it felt. Before you know it you buy that pie. Even though you do not know what it will taste like, you made a decision based on how your sense reacted and made you FEEL.

This is the same with colors. Colors also trigger our senses and make us FEEL a certain way.

Now imagine you are standing inside an indoor playground. Everything inside this playground including the walls, equipment, roof, etc. is black and white. How would that make you feel? Excited? Happy?

Whether you are going for a formal, fun, healthy or safe look and feel, be sure to choose colors and other elements that compliment and promote this.

A good example

We have a favorite coffee shop called Frappy Cheerful Blend, and not only is it our favorite because of their amazing coffee or their healthy food, but mainly because of the way it makes us feel when we are there. There is this exciting, inspiring, fun and positive vibe. You can sit for hours and work or read there and feel entirely at home.

Frappy Cheerful Blend - Photo Credits: Emvation


The most important thing to remember, whether you deliver a service, sell a product, do a podcast, write a book or you're an artist.;  we are constantly interacting with other humans. Decide what message you want people to hear and how you want them to feel. Be sure to do some research too. Let your work, art, product or service speak for you! And it can by choosing the right colors and other brand elements.

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